​World Water Day 22nd, March 2017

As we all know the ratio of water on earth is 70%. Human Being is a creation of god who have created many things for there convenience in many field and the things which are gifted by god are going in vain. Every person and situation is different, though the ‘rule of threes’ gets at the desperate nature of what our bodies need: 3 minutes without oxygen, three days without water, three weeks without food. Today the condition of world is same as it was created  by god but the use of those gifted things are not valued same.

Every 20 seconds, a child dies from diseases associated with a lack of clean water. That adds up to an unconscionable 1.5 million young lives cut short each year. More than two and a half billion people in the world live in the most abysmal condition and helping them would do more then reducing the death toll, alleviate the poverty, protect the environment as well as promote the development.

Water is essential for survival, unlike oil there are no substitutes. Today the resources of fresh and clean water are few for those villages who are living in poverty.

According to the surveys if the water consumption will go in the same way then there will be no drinking water by year 2040.

So if a person itself decide to consume water for the minimum requirement from today then only the god’s gift will be saved. Some little steps to stop this haphazard use of water are

1. Start recycling water, the water which is used for washing, bathing can be used for gardening, car washing etc.

2. Rain water harvesting technique must be adopted in every residential places.

3. Drain water can be treated and used back.

4. Use of cisterns in western toilets must be stopped and instead we can use buckets to 2prevent overuse of water.

Although these steps are not bigger in nature but if we all follow them seriously then it can bring a change.

Like and give us more suggestions to stop water wastage on world water day.

Thanks for reading!!


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