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Art With A PowerfulSocial Message.

From sometime I really want to share some of my views I can’t wait anymore to share.

This is what i was talking about,

My first piece that points towards the problems and crimes of our society, for example, rape.



The whole picture is of a demon trying to eat up the peacemen, as you can see that there is a symbol of peace on the chest of a man.

#1 the upper jaw of demon is the surface of earth on which the rays of sun strikes,

the peacemen are holding the Earth and little hands of demon’s men are holding a mummy which is the lower jaw of the demon and they are trying to kill the peacemen.

#2 On the bottom right corner, the eyes of peace is watching the whole cruelity.

#3 On the centre left side, there are wires which provides different functions of crime to the demon.

#4 On the top right corner ,the right hand of the demon is making scars on his/her face (as crime don’t have any sex) and on eyes from where the blood of demon (just like concentrated acid) is sinking to its mouth, to burn the peacemen.

#5 On the cetre right corner, the left hand of demon is holding a skull smashed with an axe through which blood sinks to its mouth.

The pariental of the skull is the Moon, I

made some crows and shaded it to show the pits on the Moon.

#6 And to the last but the most important part of this sketch,

this is the most pathetic crime of our society,


On the top right corner, a girl is screaming for help, The hands of demon are coming from  left towards that girl and she is slidiing behind on the floor and screaming for help.

Thats all,

In the end I just want to thank you all for supporting me and to appreciate my art,

In future I will try my best to make these sensefull artpieces, 

Please like my page The Sketch’N Tattoos

and do share your comments on this sketch.


Sunoy Dazz

Artist at ‘The Sketch’N Tattoos’


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