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Will you buy “Poison” if it is on Discount?

Will you buy poison if it will cost you less? I know none of you will. After buying your favorite two wheeler some of you will be really happy.

As per latest order of Supreme Court BS-III vehicles will be ban and with that Automobile Manufacture will not be allowed to sell Bikes, Cars or any of the automobile of BS-III variant. 

Automobile Manufacturers for two days did a wholesale market business. As they know that their vehicles which are already in stock would be just a polished iron scrap.In the name of “Navratri” discount they managed to get huge attraction of folks around. Most of the people around 40-50% didn’t even know the exact difference between BS-III and BS-IV.

wp-1490984858660.jpgWhat they actually know is that they are getting discount of about 2,000-20,000 which would cost heavy on their health for next 5-10 years.

According to a report 2,00,000 people in India die every year due to pollution and bad air quality. Changing the emission standards will bring change in the air quality from two wheeler it would be around 50-60% less and by trucks or heavy vehicle it would effect by 80%.

People around us think that the responsibility to provide a fresher air is only of the ruling government or The Supreme court but the days are not far that we have to  take our own stand and understand the need of taking the right step.

If some of you might remember some years ago Volkswagen from 2008-2015 sold 11 million cars worldwide in which they used a small device which decreases the emission during testing and the government official found this trick. US has only pounded a heavy amount in it of around 28,000 crore as Indian rupee. We wish someday we Indians would also get serious about pollution.

But the time has came, now we have to become serious regarding the pollution and should find some way to protect our planet.

Share to people, friends, family and be a contributor in awaking them for making the earth more worth living !!

Stay Happy Be Safe !!


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