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Summer Fashion Trends-These things you must have in Your Wardrobe before you get fried away this summer !!


With the change of natural environment we should change our fashion. In summer everyone should wear light clothes. Moisture is higher in summer we should wear summer special clothes. 

Here is the list of things what you must have in your wardrobe to stay trendy.


Every men who wear them looks much better even if it is  basic white,black or grey t-shirt.T-shirts also prevents perspiration and bacterial infections. V-neck styles look amazing . Besides, basic looks of t-shirt they look great with anything.

Shorts are the best style to buy . It gives so much comfort and satisfaction. They can be  used  both indoor and outdoor locations.  It can be used for jogging, while sleeping or it is comfortable while playing any sport.  The ideal length is slightly above your knees.


The greatest style trick of them all – THE CUFF (rolling your trousers )  it will save the day for any man while getting ready for any occasion. Cuffed trousers looks better than un-cuffed whether it is weared for a beach trip or for office. The same can be applied for shorts, T-shirts and shirts. 


Half sleeved shirts are  back in the trend. In summers denim, linen and cotton shirts gives you a stylish and smart look. Multicolored and floral shirts looks awesome on beach. Button them up all the way for a more clean cut and edgy look.


Whether it is boat shoes, espadrilles, oxfords, brogues, flip flops, rope/canvas soled sandals – One thing is important here – NO SOCKS. Under no circumstances boys.Brogues and oxfords can also be worn which look good.

To protect your eyes form sun damage and it also present your  sophisticated dressing style with sunglasses.

So, you have the secret to look and stay cool guys.

Stay Stylish Stay Trendy

Happy Summer 🙂


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