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Climate Change-“A mutual responsibility”

It is been a topic of talks about the climate change which our planet is going through day-by-day.Climate is a huge challenge ahead of our living community.

Yesterday in a major development the president of the united stated Donald Trump made a big decision to withdraw from the “Paris Accord” or better known “Paris Climate change Agreement” saying that it is a bad accord.

 So what exactly is the agreement?

On november 2015 about 195 countries together made an agreement to slow down the global warming and take the emissions to lower level.The main aim is to control the levels by 2°C and keeping it around 1.5°C.

This basically means that all countries have to take a strong stand on the carbon emission system and to decrease the emissions.Another objective is to decrease the green house gases by human activity to a certain level at which the gases can be easily absorbed by trees,soil and oceans.Which would mean a “zero emmission” till 2050 to 2100.

Developed countries also told to help the developing countries and provide them resources in dealing with the climatic change.Developed countries have to give the two year results what they have achieved whereas the developing countries have to do it on voluntarily terms.

Countries like britain are already on its way to zero emission by ending their last thermal station in 2025.

Whereas countries like india have a larger dependency around 67% on burning fossil fuels and just 30% on renewable sources.

Steps must be taken to save the community and human environment on this mighty planet and balance the climate change.

Withdrawing the treaty just to create more jobs is just not the right way there is more to be done.

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